Mingyang Smart Energy

As the world top-class wind turbine manufacturer and clean energy integrated solution provider, Mingyang Smart Energy is dedicated to the green and intelligent energy to benefit the world. We are engaged in the wind energy and solar energy sectors, ranking the 40th among the World Top 500 New Energy Enterprises and the 1st in offshore wind innovation. Now we strive to become a new energy industry group which has a high reputation in the world, and is the first-rate in China, with aiming at an annual revenue of CYN 100 billion.

Mingyang Smart Energy Group Co., Ltd. (Stock abbreviation: Mingyang Smart Energy, and stock code: 601615) is established in 2006, with the headquarters at Zhongshan, Guangdong, China, preceded by Guangdong Mingyang Wind Power Industrial Group Co., Ltd. We are committed to become a solution provider of the clean energy whole-life cycle value chain management and systems. In 2020, Mingyang ranks the 40th place in the World Top 500 New Energy Enterprises, and the first place in the offshore wind innovation ranking in 2016. Now we are an intelligent energy enterprise which is leading in China and has an important influence in the world.

Mingyang’s main business includes

● the development and design of high-end new energy equipment, megawatt wind turbines and core parts,

● product manufacturing

● operation and maintenance

● and the new energy investment and operation.

The group sets up R&D innovation platforms throughout the world, including “1 Headquarter &5 Centers;”

also Mingyang has the post-doctoral research centers, national enterprise technological centers, and national-local joint engineering laboratories, and completes the design and type certification of over 30 models.

Mingyang is dedicated to the development of recyclable, green and clean energy. Through our technical innovation and commercial mode innovation, we shifts the role of renewable energy from the supplementary energy to alternative energy, and from high-cost energy to universally beneficial energy. It is our important mission to assist to build the Beautiful China with blue sky, green lands, green mountains and clean waters, thus truly benefiting the masses.

Technical patents
Wind turbine designs
Wind farm projects

Mingyang builds cooperative partnership with domestic top-five power companies (China Huaneng Group, China Datang Corporation, China Guodian Corporation, China Huadian Corporation and State Power Investment Corporation) and private power groups. We invest and run more than 400 wind farms throughout the world, and our products operate worldwide, including Bulgaria, India, Romania, Pakistan and South Africa.

Mingyang constructs the smart energy database and the big-data computing cloud platform with the manufacturing of high-end new energy equipment and smart microgrid technologies as the foundation. Our business transforms from the service-type manufacturing to the re-service with the support of Internet technologies and we become a wind and solar clean energy system provider focusing on the whole-life cycle value management and improvement by virtue of financing innovation and commercial mode innovation, stepping up the development towards the great undertaking which features “smart energy benefiting the whole world.”