MingYang Learning And Development

MingYang Learning And Development is a corporate Learning Institution affiliated with Mingyang Group. By adhering to the concept of “studying in practice and practicing in study,” Mingyang University strives to build a team which can face challenges and overcome them. Mingyang University makes full efforts to enhance the operational capability of the Mingyang staff, and gather powerful force so as to realize an output of 100 billion RMB.

Guideline of MingYang Learning And Development:
To create the learning-oriented organization by focusing on Mingyang’s strategy and development.

Orientation of MingYang Learning And Development:
A diffuser of the universal values of new energy;
An undertaker of constructing the learning-oriented organization;
A main channel of excavating human resources.

Business Collaboration Training

The Business Collaboration Center of MingYang Learning And Development provides relevant units and organizations with such services as consultation and diagnosis, the coordination of lecturers’ courses, we need to ensure that the effective implementation of training courses at all relevant units and organizations.

The Center is responsible for the planning and implementation of the special talent development program of the Group, units and subsidiaries, as well as the planning and implementation of clients’training programs.

Talent Development Center

The Talent Development Center of MingYang Learning And Development is mainly responsible for the channel construction for leadership development and talents’ professional development in the Group and the affiliated companies.

“Reservoir Program” is a talent training program for the management echelonwith the Mingyang characteristics, which aims to build the talent echelon through selection and cultivation of the potential and on-duty talents at the management levels so as to ensure sufficient potential talents for each management level. The Program promotes the management personnel’s career development through the comprehensive qualification training.

Professionalism Center

The Professionalism Center of MingYang Learning And Development aims to enhance the professional qualification of the staff of the Group, foster the staff’s sustainable development in the work, increase the organization’s core qualification and capability, and finally enhance the professional skills and qualification of the staff members.

The Professionalism Center takes the Professional Growth Class as the carrier and offers the general qualification courses from three aspects, i.e. professional thinking, behaviors, and skills. Based on the training programs of the Group, the training courses cover all branch companies, wind farms and bases. While diffusing the concept of the professional growth direction of the Group.

The Center constantly optimizes the course system, upgrades and layers the courses, and strives to enhance the way of thinking, behaviors and skills of the whole staff so as to gradually construct their core competitiveness.

Operation Management Center

The Operation Management Center of MingYang Learning And Development is dedicated to developing and richening online and offline learning courses and resources, stimulating the trainees’ learning initiative, and creating the sustainable learning eco-system.

MingYang Learning And Development pays high attention to the conversion and accumulation of the experience and wisdom inside the organization, selects and cultivates a large batch of internal lecturers, and develops professional courses and mini-courses, thus laying a sound foundation for the provision of specific and professional courses in the systematic talent training at all business lines. Mingyang University meticulously builds the online learning platform, provides rich public courses and professional courses, which eliminates the time and territory limitations, and assists the staff to make self-improvement. Meanwhile, Mingyang University creates the atmosphere for the study by the whole staff through multiple learning forms such as theme lectures and reading clubs.

Cooperation between School and Enterprise

The cooperation between school and enterprise is an important business of MingYang Learning And Development. At present, Mingyang University concludes the cooperative model of joint training and development with a couple of well-known universities and scientific research institutes nationwide, and continues the profound cooperation in the aspects of talent training, project research and development, and construction of think tanks.