Smart Wind Farm

Deep Matrix Space Digital Solution Platform (DMS)

Mingyang Smart Energy (MySE) provides customized total solutions from pre-feasibility study to project wind farm construction and life-cycle operation, including wind turbine decommissioning and dismantling treatment. We developed Deep Matrix Space digital solution platform (DMS) , it provides customers with the more economical and optimal solutions with accurately analyze the wind resources.

The digital integrated solution provides optimization services for secondary optimization

Based on comprehensive engineering experience,the DMS intergrates the valuable vast volume of data,the optimized algorithms,intellectural factors,the techonology of wind farm development and plan as well as the big data in order to implement turbine intelligence.

Accurate downscaling wind resource data across the country

A numerical model based on WRF model is established according to the results of physical process parameterization experiment and meshing experiment.
The downscaling wind resource data of China is calculated based on representative wind measurement data of each province. Compared with thousands of wind measurement masts, the conformance of the downscaling data within the deviation of 0.5m/s reached 85% (The mesoscale data reached 54%).
Along with the continuous self-optimization of the system,we are using neural network algorithm and particle genetic algorithm, data accuracy will be upgraded in the future.

The DMS will provide customers with accurate wind resource data without wind measurement data.
The simulation module of CFD provides more accurate wind resource.

DMS integrates CFD simulation module, which is mainly used to fundamentally improve simulation precision of mountain terrain wind resource calculation by existing software. CFD simulation can provide accurate wind distribution of the wind farm and reliable wind resources at each site.

In the absence of measured data, DMS can still do site assessment with using downscaling data.
Self-optimizing layout scheme/road design/collector circuit design

Based on the internal neural network algorithm, DMS self-optimizes and evaluates the wind resources in the selected region according to the situation of wind resources, and automatically completes the layout scheme, road design, and collector circuit design, etc.

Digital big data algorithm eliminates the error of manual scheme and realizes economic analysis.
Customized tower and foundation optimization

For the secondary optimization project, DMS which completes the automatic optimization design of all wind turbine sites according to the wind resource data of each position has integrated tower and foundation optimization module. According to the optimization results, the number of unified optimization tower and foundation schemes for each project is given under the premise of reducing the management cost, which breaks the routine manual mode that can not be optimized one by one.

Through the optimization of fine to the wind turbine site, we can dig into all the points that can reduce the price of electricity.
Economic calculation and Assessment of feed-in tariff through bidding

DMS automatically evaluates the project economy by combining the optimization schemes such as road design and collector circuit design, and gives the optimal economic scheme. In order to meet the requirements of feed-in tariff through bidding.

DMS calculates the on-grid electricity price under the condition of guaranteed rate of return according to customer demands.
Other functions

Beyond that,DMS has some other functions, such as typhoon data query, photovoltaic (PV) mapping query, power load and ultra high voltage (UHV) line distribution query.

DMS is an open platform, that integrates different data according to customer needs for big data analysis and provides customers with unique total solutions.